Sunday, December 11, 2005

Feed Your Head

The pastor at the church we visited today said one thing I agreed with. He mentioned the fact that he was an avid reader and that it was a lost art in today's culture. (true enough) Then he stressed the fact that one must read to feed your head so that one can truly approach creativity. (very true) I've taught this concept for many years. I call it "Filling the Creative Well." But in my book, it extends beyond reading. To be truly creative, one must be able to draw something from the Creative Well inside them. If the well is dry, nothing will come from it. If the well is full, the possibilities are limitless. So "Feed Your Head" with books, theatre, movies, dance, games, art, comic books, nature, etc. Julia Cameron (in her book "The Artist's Way") tells us to take "Artist's Dates." That is, time for ourselves to play and be artistic and feed our head. It can be as simple as cutting up magazines for a collage or as elaborate as a painting that keeps you occupied for weeks and weeks. Whatever it is, whatever it's called...feed your head or it will remain empty and useless.

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