Monday, May 09, 2011

Fasting Facebook

So, I took a week off from Facebook. I did it for an upcoming show called "The Unplugged Challenge" that will be at ArtsWest starting in late June. All the artists involved were to take a week off the internet, tv, social media, etc. for a full week and use that time to make art related to the experience. I don't watch tv except for DVDs and I don't have a cell phone so I'm pretty unplugged compared to most. Since the rules stipulated that we could use the internet for work purposes (my art is my work) I chose to specifically stay off Facebook and to keep surfing to a minimum. I won't say it wasn't difficult. It had it's moments. I rely on Facebook for a lot of things. It keeps up with my events and birthdays. I use it to promote my art. But I also use it to waste time. Did I make art? Sure. I put the finishing touches on 4 pieces today and I had finished one piece have 5 pieces for the show. I may have a couple more in me but I'm not sure. The experience is over so the art may be as well.
Did I learn anything? Sure. I think I won't spend as much time on FB as I used to. To be honest, I've had a pretty healthy attitude towards unpluggedness (a word?) for a few years now. In 1997 I got off cable tv and have stayed off. 400 channels and nothing on. Such a time waster. In 1999 I experienced a fire that destroyed my apartment and most of my stuff. I spent weeks staying with friends. When I finally moved back in to another apartment I had gotten out of the habit of watching tv. Before that, I would spend the entire time once I got off work until I went to bed in front of the tv. Not healthy. So, that habit stayed for a while. Then a few years ago my wife and I decided not to watch network tv anymore. We wait for shows we like to come out on DVD. We control our viewing and no commercials. I am way more productive now than I was 12 years ago. I look back and lament over all the time I wasted. I wish I could go back and change things but I can't. Bummer.
So...anywho...good experience which resulted in some new art. Can't wait to see what people think of the new pieces. I'll include one here so you can see what I mean.