Friday, April 28, 2006

Noah's Nephew

We're between shows at the theatre so I've been drumming up some little work projects for the inbetween time. Today I decided to wash down the tiles on the front of the theatre. So I get my little bucket and my little hose and my little ladder and I'm scrubbing and rinsing when Sarah runs out and tells me there's a flood downstairs in the office. So I run down the stairs and find that it's raining thru the ceiling. So we tell Mark (set designer...among other things) and he says, "Yeah, that happens sometimes. We can't find where it leaks." So in my attempt at being a good custodian and finding work...I flood the place. Nice. No one's mad but today is when Sarah and I begin our move into the apt across the hall. I hope this isn't indicative of the day.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Looking Couple

This is a picture of us at the Taproot 30th Anniversary Gala. We are standing on the balcony of some hoity toity place where they had it. Behind us is part of downtown Seattle and the harbor. Sarah made her outfit and made me a tie that matched. We looked smashing!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Can Relate

Listening Post

Since I can't figure out how to do a "What I'm Reading" or "What I'm Listening To" in the sidebar, I decided to make it a post. I won't do reading because I always post a review of every book I read.

What I'm Listening To

Toto - Falling In Between (new release-these guys are still going strong)
Spock's Beard - Snow & Octane
Neal Morse - Testimony & One
Donald Fagen - Kamakiriad
Stevens, Levin & Bozzio - Black Light Syndrome
Joe Satriani - Engines of Creation (found this and the previous at a used music place)
The Beatles - Everything (someone stole my Beatles collection a couple of years ago so I'm checking them out of the library and giving them all a listen-these guys are the kings!)

More "Thank God for the Public Library" Stuff
I'm on a bit of a jazz kick right now. A lot of this stuff I used to have on album but never replaced it when CD's came out. I'm hooked again.

Bob James - Joy Ride
Spyro Gyra - Catching the Sun
Russ Freeman - Drive
Benoit/Freeman Project - self titled
Larry Carlton - Deep Into It
Larry Carlton/Steve Lukather - No Substitutions
Lee Ritenour - Overtime
Vince Guaraldi Trio - self titled
Hancock, Brecker, Hargrove - Directions in Music
Weather Report - Best Of & Heavy Weather

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Directions III

Well, Sarah and I have taken off in our new directions in a big way. The other day we went out and spent some money on new supplies. We found some great prices on canvas and Sarah dropped a few bucks on some rubber stamps. (She's on a stamping and embossing kick right now) She is decorating some mirrors we bought at IKEA right now. I am priming canvasses with bright, solid colors so that I can experiment with some painted cartoons. It's about time I explore some of my own imagery instead of ripping off others. May the muse be kind to us through this process and give us the time to truly develop our ideas. I have to find time to revise the Summersalt script but I can't tear myself away from my art right now. I am enjoying it again!

Friday, April 21, 2006

Moving Day!

We are moving into the 2 bedroom across the hall. As someone noted last night, we're moving about 6 feet. Anywho...gotta get our ducks in a row by May 1st. Elbow room at last!

Eight is Enough

Last night, Sarah and I, along with some friends, attended "Voice of the Prairie." (the show running at Taproot right now) Guess who else was there? Grant Goodeve, famous for playing older brother David in the show "Eight is Enough." Wow! Shirley Jones and Grant Goodeve within the month. It's like 70's family dramedy time here in Seattle. Apparently Grant lives out here and is very active in the theatre community.
In keeping with the "Eight is Enough" theme, here's 6 more 70's icons I'd love to run into.
1) Susan Dey - had a huge crush on Laurie Partridge.
2) Alan Alda - to get my M*A*S*H connection going.
3) Ron Howard - Happy Days are here again.
4) Tim Conway - kept me in stitches on Carol Burnette
5) Valerie Bertinelli - another crush.
6) Betty Buckley - yet another crush.
6.5) Jan Smithers -played Bailey Quarters on WKRP. Loved her!
Of course there are many more but most are deceased. Would have loved to chew the fat with Don Knotts, Buddy Ebsen, and many more. So, who shall I run into next. Perhaps Florence Henderson will come into town.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Moving Day?

Sarah and I are (hopefully) going to move into a 2 bedroom apartment across the hall from our present 1 bedroom apartment. Why? Elbow room! We need space. The move is especially geared to give us a room to convert into an art studio. With both of us doing art, the dining room table just isn't cutting it any more. Also, we need to get the rest of my stuff out of storage and stop paying that monthly fee. What a pain that is. So, we hope to hear from the manager soon about whether it's doable or not. If so, what a great deal. All we have to do is move all our stuff across the hall. How lazy are we?

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Dispatch by Bentley Little - "Blessed with a gift for the written word, Jason Hanford has everything he needs: a pen, stationery, and a prestamped envelope. His complaints yield complimentary meals and free hotel rooms. His correspondence with secret crushes makes fantasies come true. Letters to the editor spark citywide debates and inspire change. His letters are powerful, angry, hearfelt, sometimes obscene - and always persuasive.
Then one day someone sends Jason a letter: This is for you. It leads to an offer to write letters for a living. A whole new world is opening up for Jason.
He should have asked a few more questions about the job."

Now, wouldn't you pick up a book that said that on the back? (Maybe not, but if you're a writer you would) Well, I did and the book started out promising and ended up in the dead letter office. The end reminded me of one of the many stupid Stephen King endings I can remember. Not at all what I had expected or hoped for. Skip this book. The payoff is nil.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Directions II

Sarah is also dealing with wanting to move in a new direction artistically. Today we drove over to the University District to an art supply store we hadn't tried. It turned out to be a good trip. Their canvas was on sale at 40% off. She and I bought a bunch of stuff. We also spent some time at Value Village today. We are dangerous in art supply, thrift, and book stores. Hopefully all of this will be the beginning of some new artistic adventures for us.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I seem to be at a crossroads with my art of late. Sarah and I have both experienced a breakthrough in that we've ended our 4 month art famine. I've come back to the table to continue working on my collages and I find that I want to move beyond what I've been doing. The reason I've been collaging in the first place is that we don't have much room to do art. Collaging keeps me reigned in. I can work in a small space. But in the past I have worked large and had a lot of space to move around and be free with my expressions. Perhaps I'm beginning to feel the limitations of the medium I am working in. Or perhaps I desire to dabble in my own imagery instead of manipulating others. I don't know. There are so many directions I could go. Right now, I haven't a clue which road to choose. This afternoon I think I'll swipe another one of Sarah's canvases (with her kind permission of course) and do something different. Not too much thinking...just applying paint and playing with the surface. The only way I know to break free is to start tearing down the walls that are confining me and moving into other rooms.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Riding the Code-Tails

Riding in with the wake of the impending "Da Vinci Code" movie, there are many more Jesus myths taking the stage. Here are a couple I read about this morning.

- Jesus didn't die at the resurrection. He was drugged to appear dead then taken down prematurely and nursed back to health in the tomb. The man who is pushing this theory forward has no proof but his new book, "The Jesus Papers" will likely become a bestseller putting scads of money in his pocket.

- Jesus didn't walk on water. He walked on a piece of floating ice. See, there was a cold snap in the Holy Land that year get the point. This theory comes from a professor at Florida State University. (they get a lot of ice down there) Next thing you know, he'll say Jesus had a thriving ministry to wayward penquins. (Thus throwing together two hot trends at the moment...Jesus and Penguins)

- Jesus asked Judas to betray him. "Say, Judas? Ummm...if you're not busy a week from Thursday, I've got a little something I need you to do." This theory comes straight to you from some newly found document called "The Gospel of Judas." Wow! This is my chance. This is the open door I've waited for. It's time for me to publish..."The Gospel of Marty." Well...he's got a gospel...she's got a gospel...all God's chillun got a gospel.

All this crap is brought to you thanks to the popularity of "The Da Vinci Code." Anyone who has a bit of an idea can cash in and ride this wave to financial security. I need to go now so I can work on my ideas. Let's see...Jesus didn't turn water into was just a light ale.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Sea Hunter by Paul Garrison - In this book, a seasoned charter boat skipper and a wannabe marine filmmaker battle the sea, nature and an evil millionaire who has created the ultimate weapon out of a cross between a dolphin and a killer whale. The clock is ticking as the "killphin's" first test on a nuclear submarine draws near.
I must admit that I'm a sucker for a good sea adventure book. This wasn't it. It was only okay. It seemed very cliche' and I've never read a book with so many typos in my life. Where was the editor? Perhaps I'll pick up another of his books another time...give him another chance. It seems all of his books are about the sea. This one reminded me too much of that old movie "The Day of the Dolphin" with George C. Scott. Weaponizing dolphins is a concept that's been around a long time. I had hoped more could have been done with it. Alas, it was not.