Thursday, April 08, 2004

God's Son

God's Son
by Lois A. Cheney

Once upon a time
There was a God
Who so loved the world
That He gave His Son
His only Son.

And they took that Son
And they hung him on a cross
And that Son died
And they buried the Son -
Sealed him up tight.

But God said,
"Oh no you don't"
And He rolled back the rock
He unsealed His Son
And His Son came out
Came out walking and breathing
And He was Alive.

And he's alive today
And he walks around
And he stalks around
Breathing life and life

Every morning, just before dawn
For thousands of years
Little grim people -
Preachers and bankers and
Storekeepers and students -
Sneak up to the grave and
Roll back the stone
To seal it up tight.

And every morning
God roars,
"Oh no you don't!"
And He flings back
the stone.