Friday, February 03, 2006

A Week of Theatre

Sarah and I have had our fill of theatre this week. First off, it's the opening week of Taproot's "An Inpector Calls." Sarah's been busy all week finishing up costumes and doing last minute tweaks. I attended the invited dress rehearsal on Tuesday night. It's a British whodunnit with a twist.
Last night, we attended the opening night performance of "The Wedding Singer." This show is based on the movie and headed to Broadway after a short premiere here in Seattle. It's a fun show. It's not exactly like the movie. Some changes have been made. But it serves to give the story a freshness. I saw "The Lion King" show and it was so much like the movie that when the awe of the production wore off, I was bored. No so with this one. The songs are written in 80's style but, unfortunately, they haven't included any 80's standards. The characters are engaging. George (as in Boy wannabe) is hysterical. Grandma Rosie is a hoot. Linda (Robbie's ex) is the show-stopper. Her numbers are so hilarious. There's alot to like about the show...just like the movie, it's fun and entertaining. I can see where there might be some more tweaking to do before Broadway but, all in all, I think they're ready. We'll see how they do in the Big Apple.

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