Thursday, June 30, 2005

Car update: Just as the lottery grows to a sizable amount, so does my jeep estimate. So far, it's up to $1600. Could go up...won't go down. Seems the engine is flopping around in there alot more than they thought. The bolts that hold it to the mounts broke off and are embedded in the engine block. Lovely. They will salvage the engine block if they can...if engine block which equals megabuckaroos. So...what will I be doing for the 4th? Something cheap or free...that's what. The good news is my new friend Hayden is letting me borrow her car for the weekend. She is one of the co-owners/operators of the coffeeshop next door to the theater. It's called the Green Bean. Cool place. Hope to exhibit my art there sometime soon. So, that's the news that fit to print today. More later in this life I call dull but never boring.

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