Thursday, April 01, 2010

Weird Dreams

Night before last I had some funky dreams. I was still in ministry and the world was dominated by 2 religions or denominations; a conservative Republican type and a more touchy-feely, more liberal type. The leader of Republicans was someone from my past and he was scary as hell. At one point in the dream I was put on trial. The "courtroom" was full of people from my past telling lies about me. I can't remember much more than that but I can tell you that I woke up feeling really crappy and unnerved as hell. No more dreams like that, thank you very much.

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Inay said...

uhummmm...dreams sometimes speaks for us.
If i put meaning to your dreams, i hope you are open to ideas...


you dreamed that kind of dream because you are at that moment is trying to choose something.

and you have a hard time of what to choose. Or you need to decide what ever it is...and you are not yet arriving to that decision.

sometimes dream do tell something for us....

don't mind me if i sound hahaha!
God bless