Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Artist Ego

I had a very unfortunate encounter yesterday. I went to a gallery to pick up art and as I was leaving a very nice person complimented me on my art. Another artist was nearby and they quickly jumped into the conversation when I mentioned that my website is She barely glanced at my work and then launched into a lecture/explanation of her work that I didn't really want to hear. I was brushed aside so that she could explain that she sometimes does religious art and blah, blah, blah. Once she got to a stopping point, I quickly excused myself and got out of there. It left a bad taste in my mouth. I had been thinking about answering another call at that gallery but now I am leaning towards not.
I know what the artist ego is like. I am one. I believe in myself and my work but I don't want to come across as an arrogant a-hole. I certainly don't want to be guilty of brushing another artist aside so I can toot my own horn. I am actually not very good at marketing myself. I really need to be better at it. But I think I can stop way short of acting like this person. You have my permission to talk to me if I act like that.
And besides, I really didn't think much of her work. Is that bad to say?
Hee hee.

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