Thursday, June 16, 2011


I've been lax keeping up with books I've read. That ends now.

Speaks the Nightbird by Robert R. McCammon - I like McCammon. 2 of his books (Boy's Life, Swan Song) are in my top 25 for sure. A couple are real stinkers (They Thirst, Stinger) and quite a few I haven't read yet. I finally got around to this one and I liked it...but...I felt like it was too long. I feel like it could have been edited down a bit more. That being said, I liked it and I'll eventually pick up the further adventures of Matthew Corbett. I'm really looking forward to his new book The Five and since our library doesn't seem to be getting it I may have to buy it.

Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years Vol. 1 - Kubert is a great artist. Visually, this book is great. He shouldn't write. Many artists make the mistake of thinking they can write as well as they draw. That is not the case.

Everyone Loves You When You're Dead by Neil Strauss - I only made it halfway thru this. I had heard it was interviews with celebs and music personalities like you'd never read before. I disagree.

The Boy Who Couldn't Sleep and Never Had To by D. C. Pierson - This book started strong, got a bit muddy and then finished okay but it grabbed me from the first paragraph which is this:
"A thousand cartoons and TV shows and teen movies would lead you to believe that when you're drawing something at your desk in school, a pretty girls is going to say "What are you drawing?" and you'll tell her and she'll go "That's neat" and your artistry will reveal to her the secret sensitivity in your soul and she'll leave her football-player boyfriend for you. These cartoons and TV shows and teen movies are wrong."


goob44 said...

I wholeheartedly agree about artists thinking they can write.
Too many of the guys today have overinflated opinions of themselves.
Maybe you be an exception.
McFarlane (Spawn) wasn't terrible, but even he figured out and got someone else.
Kubert is one of the great comic artists of all time, imo.

becca said...

Thank you for sharing your books! I need some input from others, plus it keeps me up to date on what is coming out.