Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vanilla Life

Life of late seems a bit too vanilla. Perhaps that's why Sarah and I (mostly me I think) nearly devoured a whole bag of almond M&M's a the movie last night. I had been craving chocolate all week.
No, what I mean is that life seems plain of late. Vanilla plain. Lacking zest. It's like I'm trapped in vanilla world and all the other flavors are out of reach. How do I reach that other land where diversity exists? How do I find the people who want to try the chocolate and cinnamon and raspberry?
I have a big bowl of vanilla ice cream and it needs some sprinkles. It needs a big dollop of chocolate sauce. It needs to be turned into a banana split.
Save me from this vanilla life.


Anonymous said...

We live a plain vanilla life and it's not so bad. Maybe you should try to 'embrace the vanilla-ness.' Or is it 'vanillaosity?'
From Sarah's old friend in Iowa!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... raspberry ice cream with chunks of chocolate...

Random notes:
You can find trouble and spice and all things nice, if you want to. It's not hard to find.

Working in a homeless shelter makes me appreciate the stability and predictability of home, at least for my kids' sake. For mine, though, I need a little something more. Fortunately, I make friends/hang out/talk with the crusty bleeding heart shelter volunteers, good souls really, and hang out with the GLBT crowd, who, quite frankly, have a penchant for drama. Also, community activism (of any sort) is a fantastic way to meet all kinds of spice. Just go to one protest, Marty. You'll see.

Go visit BF Day elementary school in Seattle. I'm reading a book about it now, and am curious about how is operates 15-20 years after the book was penned.

Perhaps you might consider widening your base to find good people outside of the church? People not in the middle class, white, protestant, church-going, ostrich-syndrome demographic? I'm sorry - that was very judgmental!

Quite frankly, I don't think your life is all that vanilla either- a thespian/ singer/ artist does not usually come up in the top 100 most ordinary jobs. It's pretty unique.

Sometimes in your life you haven't been bold in making necessary change happen. Sometimes, you've waited for an external sign, instead of listening and acting on your internal "spider sense". Other times, you've been very brave in taking huge leaps.

If you want spice, you must be bold. Be bold!