Monday, August 10, 2009


This morning I had my first endoscopy. The doc is trying to determine what is causing my excess gas and sometimes gas related pain. We arrived at 7:30 am and things got underway very quickly. As the nurse was prepping me she noticed my Beatles watch and she told me about seeing them in Chicago when she was 15. I asked her if she could hear them over the screaming and she, of course, said no. I also asked her if she was screaming like the other girls and she said yes.
They took me in and prepped me. I did not like the bit they put in my mouth and made them take it out until I was sufficiently doped to handle it. The next few hours are a blur.
I remember very little from the time I woke up at the hospital to the time I woke up at home. I know they put me in a wheelchair to take me to the jeep but I don't remember getting in the jeep. I don't remember the drive home. I do remember getting into bed when I got home but that's pretty much it until I woke up between 1 and 2. Apparently I was quite chatty and hilarious in my doped up state. You would have to talk to my wife to get a full account and even then she won't tell you everything. Apparently I talked about some slightly inappropriate things in the jeep on the way home. The things I can mention are that I told the nurse that it would be great to watch Pink Floyd's The Wall in my present state. I also told my wife, once we were home, that it felt like I was floating and proceeded to put my hands out and flap them like wings. That's all I can remember she told me right now. Apparently it was quite funny.
As for the endoscopy results, they saw no tumors or blocks or physical red flags of any kind. They took some samples to test for H. Pylori and a couple of other things. I'll find out about all that later. I have to go back for a lactose intolerance test and a blood test for further info on my liver. Apparently I have fatty liver disease which runs in the family. I'm not too worried about that since my Granny has it and she's 95 and my dad has it and he's 72.
So, all in all, it was a more exciting and entertaining day for my wife and the hospital staff than it was for me. I slept through it all.


becca said...

I've done one endoscopy. I hated it. And I remembered way more of it than anyone should have to...
Jake's done several. He doesn't remember a thing.
He also has fatty liver disease. That was his diagnosis last March after his hospital visits & gall bladder removal. The diagnosis has made his life a lot easier. He has to watch what he eats pretty carefully, but he's doing so much better. It sounds like some of your stuff is very similar to his.

goob44 said...

Glad that you came through it okay.
Stacey says I just talk too much when I'm drugged.
Hopefully they can find the problem and get it resolved.