Sunday, January 17, 2010

Finally...A Good Burger!

I've long complained that there is something wrong with the taste buds of Seattlites. They recommend mediocre food and call it fantastic. They also think that charging a big chunk of change for something makes it good. To be frank, Seattlites are a bit snobby about food...but they have no basis for it. In most cities I've lived in I've had quite a few favorite restaurants that I like to frequent. Not so in Seattle. When Sarah and I decide we want to eat out, we have a hard time deciding where to eat. We usually don't venture out into new territory because we've been so disappointed in the past. So, we stick with the few "tried and trues" we've found. But, we still hope that we'll discover new places. Last night we did.
A Five Guys Burgers opened across from Northgate Mall so we decided to try it. We're glad we did. It was a good, falling apart, juicy burger. And the fries were good and plentiful. The best part...not having to take out a loan to pay for a mediocre burger. We got a good burger for for a reasonable price...a rarity for Seattle. Needless to say, we'll be repeating this experience.

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becca said...

I like red robin, but we pretty much always get the same thing when we go... They've got a teriyaki style burger Jake & I really like. I know the wait can be pretty bad at some of them, though, and it's not necessarily worth the food... We generally ate at the one out in Bellevue or Issaquah, which are pretty far from you. Wow, It's been a while since I've eaten there!
Jake's got some better ideas for restaurants since he lived there so long. He's not southern, though! =)