Monday, January 11, 2010

Lapse in Blogging

Well, 2009 finally saw me fall off the blogging wagon. I don't know why but I just got tired of writing about myself. I still post the books I've read and every once in a while I might put up something of interest but I just got tired of bitching and complaining. Of course, I need someplace to vent and I may still do that on my blog from time to time but I'd like to not do it as much. I wouldn't mind blogging more but I just don't seem to have that much to write about anymore. My life is pretty routine (or will be once the theatre is remodeled). I usually don't have too many exciting things to report. So...what to do?
Well, I have no answers. I'll just say that it's on my radar to try and blog more. I'm not saying I will but it will be on my mind. Meanwhile, catch me on Facebook if you'd like. I enjoy interacting on there. Perhaps FB is to blame partially for my lapse in blogging?
Gotta blame something.

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