Thursday, September 11, 2008


Have you been keeping up with the news about the new Large Hadron Collider at CERN? Some folks think it might create a black hole and destroy the world. What do you think?
I've read a great book a couple of times over the years dealing with the firing up of a Collider. In the story, they turn it on and everybody in the world jumps several years into the future for a few minutes. As you can guess, it wreaks havoc on the world in many different ways. The book is FlashForward by Robert J. Sawyer. 
I don't find that I'm too concerned over the whole deal. It's totally out of my control to do anything about it. I do find it interesting that no extreme groups have tried to do anything about it. It seems to me if someone radical enough thought someone was going to turn on a machine that would destroy the world, they just might try to stop it. Kinda like Jake Busey's character in the movie Contact. Creepy. 


goob44 said...

There's definitely a story there somewhere - someone is probably already writing one.
One of the stories I read about it was from the Daily Mirror in England. One of the guys against it said no noe would know anything had gone wrong until a ray of light began shooting up from the Indian Ocean, and then another would come up on the opposite of the globe. There was something about quasars forming in the earth's core.
If I can find the article I'll send it to you.
You would probably like James Hogan's "Thrice Upon a Time"

Kim said...

Nah, I'm not worried about it creating any black hole, except the one created now that Fermi Lab will probably close due to this. Lots of my Berkeley friends work with cyclotrons and I'm sure they are sad their future work is going overseas. But hey, maybe it means travel for them. . .who can know?