Monday, November 20, 2006

Back in the Saddle

This fall finds me "back in the saddle" when it comes to acting/performing. Yesterday, Sarah and I performed a reading in church...a Seussian intro to the sermon. Our pastor has been preaching on Ecclesiastes. Several years ago, I wrote a script based on Ecclesiastes. I thought he might like to read it so I sent it to him. He asked if the first couple of pages could be adapted into a sermon intro. was nice to be doing creative stuff in church again...even if it was on a small scale and it was very well received.
Sarah and I also have small parts in the Christmas play. It's been a great deal of fun, a good way of meeting folks in the church and wonderful working with Jeff Berryman (writer and director).
Lastly, I've been taking a performance class at Taproot. Next Tuesday night we will perform a brief version of A Christmas Carol. This has been the least enjoyable of all the experiences and I will be happy when it's over so I can concentrate on the Christmas play. I had hoped the class might provide more training (which is what I really need) but, alas, that has not been the case.
I talked to Karen (Associate Artistic Director at Taproot) the other day about being available for acting. She told me that they are working toward reviving their church touring and that I could be a part of that. It would be different from the Company in that we would travel but be back to sleep in our own beds at night. (a wonderful thing) Karen's family has been visiting our church of late and she was there to see our reading on Sunday. After church she spoke to me briefly about writing scripts for the new touring group. I sent off samples of my work to her and the director of the touring groups yesterday.
After a long season of no opportunities in the area of acting/writing, I can now see the possibility of more opportunities arising in the future. For me, it's a welcome "light at the end of the tunnel." I hope at least some of these opportunities materialize. It's been a long, frustrating, dark tunnel.

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becca said...

Wow. What do you call it when a whole bunch of amazing things come together at one time? Sounds pretty cool. I hope and pray that the writing stuff for church works out... and that your long dry spell is coming to an end soon...