Saturday, November 18, 2006

Driscoll Protest News

Even though Driscoll has posted a response (hardly an apology) to the current controversy of his past comments, the protest is still on for Dec. 3. A couple of folks have written open letters to Driscoll and other leaders in the Mars Hill/Acts 29 organization. Here are the links.

Why On Earth Would I Want to Picket a Church?

Open Letter to Mark Driscoll

To be honest, I'm not so much offended by what he's said about women as I am by what he's said about men. Apparently, in his eyes, if you're not a frat boy, sports lovin', spittin', scratchin', cussin', macho he-man, you are not a real man. Well, as an art lovin', sports hatin', theatre attendin', shoppin', singin', bloggin' sensitive man, I take offense. Driscoll's comments are hateful and he needs to be accountable for his words.
C'mon Mark. Take it like a man!

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