Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Places I've Lived: Columbia Part 2

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So, I left the church and worked at a camp during the summer. Once I returned from the camp I moved to an apartment across town to be nearer Lakewood Church. They couldn't pay me at first so I raised support. I started as youth minister but morphed into eventually doing arts and worship.
The picture you see above is the second apartment I lived in. The first one burned down. Yes, one night I woke up to a strange noise and found that my unit's storage closet on the balcony was on fire. It was, to say the least, a nightmare. I didn't lose everything but the process back to normal life was long and difficult. Thankfully a bunch of folks helped me out. I stayed with church members until I could get another apartment. The church I had left previously heard about what happened and took up a substantial offering to help me out. Other folks helped by washing my clothes, letting me store my dirty stuff in their garage until I could clean it and so on and so on.
I finally moved into the building you see above. I was in the upper right hand side. I can't really remember any significant stuff that happened other than my cat Trinity finding me. She took up outside my door and eventually came inside to live with me. She was my baby from then until she died a few months after I moved to Seattle. The apartment was fine. I didn't have much of a life other than church so I don't have much to report there. It was near alot of restaurants and the mall and such so it was good.
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