Monday, February 02, 2009

Places I've Lived

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After 2-3 years of limbo conditions in Pcola, I head off to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The apartments I lived in are not on Street View but you can sorta see them over the Pep Boys. I believe I had put a deposit on an apartment sight unseen (scary) but when me and my parents arrived we found it to be a nice place. It was small but I didn't need a lot of space. I got moved in, my parents left and I started classes.
I started in the summer so it would be less chaotic getting started. I took 4 classes that summer and got them out of the way. Before I knew it summer was over and I was starting the fall semester.
Totally out of character for me, I took the initiative to attend a "Welcome New Seminary Students" event at Travis Avenue Baptist Church. I decided I needed to get involved immediately so I could make some friends. Well, I happened into a pretty cool bunch of folks right off the get go. Before I knew it my social calendar was filling up and I started dating pretty regularly too. (also unusual for me) My favorite story to tell is when I was invited to attend a singles day at the zoo by one of the fair ladies in the department. I was told (over the phone) that we would all be meeting at the church and heading out from there. I go to the church at the appointed time and there's no one there. Eventually, the fair lady that I mentioned before pulls up in her car, gets out, jumps in my car and says, "Let's go." I'm like, "Where's everybody at?" She replies, "Oh, they're meeting us at the zoo." I got suckered! She had me all to herself. She did that to me twice...and she already had a boyfriend. I don't get it. Needless to say I didn't date her.
So, things went pretty well for a little while but every story has a turning point and mine is coming up. Stay tuned.

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adam said...

did you live in ed head or the gospel ghetto? i had the pleasure of living in the good ol' gospel ghetto through my years there...on the train side...sucked except for the fact that i could leave the ac on full blast all summer b/c utilities were included. my apartment was like a meat locker! not to mention i never had korean neighbors so i never had the pleasure of kim chi air freshener.