Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Florida Trip: Day 3

We started our day at 7am. That was yucky. But we the reason we got up was not. We went on a Waverunner Dolphin Excursion with Boogie Watersports and we had a great time. We saw many dolphins and would have seen more if the guide hadn't wasted some of our time just riding around. Despite that, we still had a great time. Unfortunately, the waterproof camera we bought was a piece of junk. The pictures turned out terrible. Oh, well. We have our memories. We really have a good time on the water looking for marine life. I think we may have missed our calling as marine biologists.
After that, we did a little shopping, picked up my mom and sister, did some more shopping and then everybody went out for seafood. We went to the same place we always go (Fisherman's Wharf) and we had a great time. After that, Sarah and I took a short walk. We've overdone it on the greasy food so far and had to do something physical. Then we returned to the condo and played Chickenfoot with my parents.
Tomorrow we'll probably just hang out by the pool until it's time to head back to Milton. Tomorrow night we are having dinner with a bunch of old friends of mine. Well, their not as old as me but they're getting there.
Having a great time. Wish you were here...but I'm not sure where we'd put you.

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