Monday, October 17, 2005


Pop Surrealism: The Rise of Underground Art (Edited by Kirsten Anderson) - I enjoyed this book but it's a bit dated. Although it just came out, due to publication schedules and such, the artists represented are "old hat." I have discovered many new artists in this movement that I enjoy so much more. I suppose these are the pioneers...the ones who got it started and drew attention to "lowbrow" art. I hope they will continue to publish books on this material so I can round out my library...when I can afford it.
The Paper Doorway: Funny Verse and Nothing Worse by Dean Koontz - Surprisingly charming, these poems are in the vein of Shel Silverstein (the undisputed master) . I enjoyed this book but it was uneven. Koontz should stick to horror and leave the poetry to others who are better at it like...
A Pizza the Size of the Sun & It's Raining Pigs and Noodles by Jack Prelutzky - Very funny and closer to approaching the quality of Silverstein's stuff. Loved it!
Making Friends with Frankenstein by Colin Mcnaughton - I love this guy! He's nuts and very warped. My second favorite after Silverstein. His book "The Aliens are Coming" is also great.

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