Saturday, May 05, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

I totally forgot about it being Free Comic Book Day until I walked to work and passed the comics store. They had a table out front and lots of people milling around. I went to work, did my thing and came back. I grabbed a few freebies and then picked up some 5 for a buck comics to use in my collage work.
I like to go into a comics shop every once in a while just to see what's happening in the world of comics. I don't collect anymore because it's just too expensive and there's too much to choose from. When the comics went up over $2.50, that's when I quit. I have one box of comics I want to keep. I also have a box I wouldn't mind selling but I know they're not worth much. I might just use them for my collages too.

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Anonymous said...

aw shoot. how did i forget about FCBD? maybe i'll stop by Hastings tomorrow and see if they have some left. would like to get the Spidey and the Transformers prequel issue. i know how i missed it -- there wasn't a Star Wars related issue in the mix this year. ahhh.