Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Dance of Death by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child - Yet another Preston/Child novel chronicling the adventures of persnickety FBI Agent Aloysius Pendergast. This is the second in a supposed trilogy (beginning with "Brimstone") dealing with Pendergast's criminally insane brother Diogenes. Diogenes is pretty ticked at Aloysius for something and is looking to kill all of his brothers friends. Along for the ride are a few characters from previous novels.
This one was pretty good. It does make me want to read the third. In my opinion, however, it's been a long time since Preston/Child have written a satisfying novel. I'm a bit tired of Agent Pendergast. I wish they'd kill him off and start with something fresh. None of the Pendergast novels have been outstanding...only so-so. I wish they would return to the days of books like "Thunderhead, Riptide, The Ice Limit, and Relic." Those were outstanding books. I haven't given up on them completely but they have slipped down on my popularity list. None of my faves are writing as well as they used to. Crichton slipped a while back. Rollins is trying to be Dan Brown. Reilly's still doing okay but I haven't read his latest. Jim Butcher is still kicking butt and taking names although "Dead Beat" wasn't his best.
Oh well, I'll shut up now. Guess I'll just have to keep hunting for new writers who will satisfy my thirst for adventure. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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