Thursday, December 08, 2005

David Newton Revisited

Hooked up with David the other night. We couldn't remember when the last time it was we saw each other. Doesn't matter really...we had a great visit. He and Sarah got to meet. They got along marvelously. There's a chance he may be out this way again in March. Hope would be nice to visit again. Although, I think I could skip the chick flick this time. I don't know how David and his compadres chose to want to see "Pride and Prejudice" but Sarah didn't mind and so we went. I'll just say, Jane Austen ain't my cup of tea. Speaking of tea, we had to go get coffee after the movie's David Newton, the coffee junkie! Anywho...great time with an old friend. Send more of them out here. I love visitors.

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