Wednesday, April 12, 2006


I seem to be at a crossroads with my art of late. Sarah and I have both experienced a breakthrough in that we've ended our 4 month art famine. I've come back to the table to continue working on my collages and I find that I want to move beyond what I've been doing. The reason I've been collaging in the first place is that we don't have much room to do art. Collaging keeps me reigned in. I can work in a small space. But in the past I have worked large and had a lot of space to move around and be free with my expressions. Perhaps I'm beginning to feel the limitations of the medium I am working in. Or perhaps I desire to dabble in my own imagery instead of manipulating others. I don't know. There are so many directions I could go. Right now, I haven't a clue which road to choose. This afternoon I think I'll swipe another one of Sarah's canvases (with her kind permission of course) and do something different. Not too much thinking...just applying paint and playing with the surface. The only way I know to break free is to start tearing down the walls that are confining me and moving into other rooms.

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