Friday, April 21, 2006

Eight is Enough

Last night, Sarah and I, along with some friends, attended "Voice of the Prairie." (the show running at Taproot right now) Guess who else was there? Grant Goodeve, famous for playing older brother David in the show "Eight is Enough." Wow! Shirley Jones and Grant Goodeve within the month. It's like 70's family dramedy time here in Seattle. Apparently Grant lives out here and is very active in the theatre community.
In keeping with the "Eight is Enough" theme, here's 6 more 70's icons I'd love to run into.
1) Susan Dey - had a huge crush on Laurie Partridge.
2) Alan Alda - to get my M*A*S*H connection going.
3) Ron Howard - Happy Days are here again.
4) Tim Conway - kept me in stitches on Carol Burnette
5) Valerie Bertinelli - another crush.
6) Betty Buckley - yet another crush.
6.5) Jan Smithers -played Bailey Quarters on WKRP. Loved her!
Of course there are many more but most are deceased. Would have loved to chew the fat with Don Knotts, Buddy Ebsen, and many more. So, who shall I run into next. Perhaps Florence Henderson will come into town.

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