Saturday, April 15, 2006


Dispatch by Bentley Little - "Blessed with a gift for the written word, Jason Hanford has everything he needs: a pen, stationery, and a prestamped envelope. His complaints yield complimentary meals and free hotel rooms. His correspondence with secret crushes makes fantasies come true. Letters to the editor spark citywide debates and inspire change. His letters are powerful, angry, hearfelt, sometimes obscene - and always persuasive.
Then one day someone sends Jason a letter: This is for you. It leads to an offer to write letters for a living. A whole new world is opening up for Jason.
He should have asked a few more questions about the job."

Now, wouldn't you pick up a book that said that on the back? (Maybe not, but if you're a writer you would) Well, I did and the book started out promising and ended up in the dead letter office. The end reminded me of one of the many stupid Stephen King endings I can remember. Not at all what I had expected or hoped for. Skip this book. The payoff is nil.

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