Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Church of the Bass-Ackwards

Geez, I'm getting so tired of hearing about things like this. I swear it feels like the world is going backwards.
Today I read on another blog that a woman in NY was removed from her Sunday School position because she's a woman. The church (pastor, diaconate) has adopted an interpretation of scripture that prohibits women from teaching men. The woman had been teaching in that church on and off for 55 years. Does this make sense?
I ran across a video featuring a hispanic pastor(?) who is raking in the dough because he's told his flock that he is the second coming of Jesus. He has an international following of perhaps hundreds of thousands of people and they are giving him tons and tons of cash. He has said there is no such thing as sin and the devil (changed your mind there Jesus?) and no telling what other crap he's peddling.
This stuff is happening all over. I recall a few years back when my parents were told not to return to their church. They, along with several other key couples, were voted out. My dad had been voluntarily leading music on Sundays and they were really involved in this church. Then one day, the pastor loses it big-time and the madness began. On a Wednesday night, he announced that a long standing women's organization would be disbanded. When the women in the congregation objected, he ordered the deacons to remove them physically. (the deacons were smart enough not to do that) Some other garbage happened but details are sketchy in my memory right now. I'm proud of my dad though. He went to the pastor and tried to reason with him. After talking to him and not seeing any change, my dad simply handed over his key and resigned his position. The next week, my parents received the letter in the mail. And there's more.
Creative ministries is taking a huge beating. Just when I thought we were starting to break thru the barriers, the door seems to be slamming shut. I can't be specific in revealing some things I've heard about but let me just say that creative people are being persecuted left and right and being tossed out the back door with the puppets, clown shoes and dowel rods.
This kind of craziness is happening all over the place. And I can't tell you how many friends I have that have or will be losing their ministry jobs over insanity such as this. When will it end? I don't know. Over the last few years, it only seems to be getting worse. I really wish I could see that God is doing something about it but I just don't see it.
God, if you are doing something, let me see it. I need some piece of evidence that you are still on the Throne and in control. Right now, I don't see it.

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