Monday, August 28, 2006

Kate and Nate Meet the Giant Skate

Back in Nineteen Thirty-Eight,
Before the world was big and great,
There lived a girl whose name was Kate.
She sailed the seas with her first-mate,
A monkey by the name of Nate
And coconuts were all he ate.
But she would fish with hook and bait,
Her appetite to quickly sate.
Now in the sea there lived a skate,
A manta of large size and weight.
This sea monster was full of hate,
And he would often, mad, berate
The sailors who were running late.
Their self-esteem this would deflate,
At times they would get quite irrate.
So Kate and Nate, they charged a rate,
To catch the manta in a crate.
It wasn't easy, they had to wait
For medicine that would sedate.
So soon arrived the fateful date
When Kate and Nate ensnared the skate.
They led him thru the bayside gate
Where he was trapped in a shallow state
And that poor manta met his fate.
The story's told of Kate and Nate,
That brave young girl and her first mate,
Who faced the sea and the giant skate
That ended up on a dinner plate.

© 2006 Marty Gordon

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Anonymous said...

For that good work, I won't berate
So hear this now, that was really great!