Friday, August 11, 2006

Why Christians Shouldn't Go to Church

I found this too pertinent not to post. You can read the original by going here.

"Why Christians Shouldn't Go to Church" or "Why Christians Should Avoid Church" or the bumpersticker version: "Preserve Christianity - Avoid Church"

The Sunday morning gathering in a church building that we call "Church..."

1) Is an artificial unBiblical contrivance of the late 4th Century that undermines the true fellowship that happens in homes.
2) Has encumbered the "Church" (corporate body of Christ) with debt.
3) Has reinforced the suspicion of the heathen that it is about money.
4) Relegates worship to a once a week 1- 2 hour experience.
5) Created a clergy and intimidated the laity.
6) Has left monuments to failure everywhere by having empty churches that are used for art museums and concert halls, reminding the heathen that no one is really interested in going to hear the Gospel anyway.
7) Seats people military style and makes one person the "main" contributor - the Preacher.
8) Allows laity to be non-involved.
9) Delays the decision for Christ - because the witnesser invites some one to church rather than saying, "Would you like to repent and give your life to Jesus Christ?"
10) Sets up pastors as a punching bag that dysfunctional Christians with latent hostility can target while they pretend to be in right relationship with God.

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