Friday, December 22, 2006

A Stroll and Some Scrolls

Sarah and I finally went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls down at the Pacific Science Center. We had free passes since she helped them in the planning stage with some costuming issues. I found it to be a very educational experience. I really enjoyed reading the placards and listening to the audio provided. I loved seeing the arts and crafts of the day; a comb, a basket, some cloth, pots. Then when it came time to see the scrolls it was pretty amazing. Words can't describe my thoughts so I won't even try. It has prompted me to perhaps do a little more research. Even the little room at the end with the sacred texts from different cultures was pretty awesome in and of itself.
After exiting the exhibit, we made our way to the monorail. After last years accident where two of them collided, they've been shut down most of the year and have only recently been running again. Well, when we got over there, they were shut down again. I guess we'll never get to ride the stupid thing. As we said last night as we walked away, "Stupid, stupid monorail."
Since that didn't work out, we ducked into Center House to get change for the bus and discovered a Christmas Village with working trains. It was pretty cool. After taking a few pics for my Uncle Jerry (he loves trains) we scooted out into the rain to catch the bus down to the shopping district. We spent some time finishing up Christmas shopping and ate dinner at P. F. Chang's. It was fairly bustling downtown. Actually it was a madhouse. Nordstroms has a Santa Claus house built on the corner and the line to see the Jolly Old Elf (and get pricey pics) was down the block. We got tired out pretty quickly and took a cab back to our vehicle at Seattle Center. Once home, we enjoyed some dessert and watched some Battlestar Galactica. It was fun to get out but it's so crazy at Christmas. I'll be glad when it slows down after the first of the year. Then we can trek back downtown and enjoy it without the mobs.

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