Monday, March 09, 2009

Encaustic Painting

I have wanted to learn about encaustic painting (painting with wax) for about 25 years, ever since I fell in love with the art of Jasper Johns back in college. I finally got around to taking a class yesterday. I attended a workshop by Janet Miller, a very talented artist who has a studio in the Pioneer Square district. She spent a little time showing us how to do it and then allowed us the rest of the time to "play." I really enjoyed it and the time went too fast. I didn't try to create a masterpiece, I just played with the materials and the wax, trying to get a feel for it. If I were to start using encaustice I believe it would take a substantial amount of time to begin feeling comfortable with the medium. I asked Janet how long she worked with it before she felt "good" and she said a year. I don't know how feasible it is for me to try and do this at the apartment. I suppose to start basic it wouldn't take up too much space but finding room to store the stuff is the biggest concern. My hope is that we can find a way to do it but I'll probably wait until after I'm able to take Sarah to a class. If I get her hooked then I'll have a partner in this venture.
Meanwhile, I'll continue to make collage art. I have recently been exploring new directions to keep from getting into a rut.

Image: "we still wake up every day" by Janet Nechama Miller, mixed-media encaustic on book (7 X 9), 2006.


becca said...

Loved the image you shared from Miller. Thank you for sharing.

adam said...

i think this is very cool and could be integrated into your collage work. i had a friend in college who didn't use this style but did do mixed media painting over texts and pictures almost like painting a collage and i think this style could be used in the same way on the smaller scale of your collage work.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful piece! I have been interested as well in working with encaustic but was curious as to the amount of work it is to feel comfortable with the materials. I say: dive into it. I think you will definitely produce some amazing work. :)

Simona mazyck said...

You have such a great piece of work here it would be a shame if you stopped doing it. Encaustic is a medium like all others. Much simpler then oil or acrylic, just got to get used to it's spontaneous properties. After all that is the fun of it. It does what it wants at times. It is a process medium not the finished outcome medium. Maybe if you looking for the best finished outcome then encaustic is not the one for you. I love the playfulness of the medium and can not agree that intakes you a year. I loved it from the beginning.