Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Places I've Lived: Seattle

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Since the "Places I've Lived" feature is almost over, I thought I'd extend it by adding one that probably shouldn't be on here. When I moved to Seattle, I stayed with some folks that work at the theatre. It was so nice of them to open their door to me. I can never repay their kindness.
The house had a separate upstairs living area with it's own entrance. Gary's office was up there but it also had a small bedroom. That was my domain for 3 months. I didn't intend on staying that long but I couldn't find a job. Eventually I just had to move in with Sarah even though we weren't married yet. GASP! We bought a futon and I slept on it until the wedding. I guess we're probably some of the few folks with old fashioned values still left in the world.
I enjoyed staying with Gary and Sheri though. Their house is in Shoreline which is a great community. From the upstairs deck I could see Puget Sound. It was my first taste of seeing all the ships heading to and from the ocean. They live near a beach so I went there to think sometimes. Like I said, it was great of them to let me stay. It was a big help in a transitional time.
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