Saturday, July 04, 2009


Seattle is not a good place to view fireworks. There are just way too many people trying to cram themselves in a tiny space to watch them. This year it's worse because the fireworks on Eliot Bay are cancelled. (Thanks Ivars) That means twice as many people are not going to be trying to squeeze into Gasworks Park or surrounding areas to see the fireworks. And I haven't even mentioned that it doesn't get dark until 10 pm out here so they don't start until late. Needless to say, we don't go. Too many people, too much hassle. We're going to spend the 4th at a cookout with friends.
All this fireworks hoopla made me think about what's the best fireworks display I've ever seen. I can think of a couple.
- When I was with the Company (seminary drama team) we did a youth camp called Brookhaven just outside of Tyler, TX. One year, were there the week of the 4th and the camp staff put on a fireworks show for the campers. We all sat by the lake and watched. It wasn't professional pyrotechnics but it was very intimate.
- The fireworks on Pensacola Beach could be just as frustrating as Seattle's. Everyone trying to herd themselves out onto the beach and then back home after made for a traffic nightmare. I was stuck in traffic for over an hour one year trying to get home. But, one year, some friends of mine knew a secret place to watch from. I couldn't tell you where we were but we had to park in a neighborhood, cross train tracks and walk out onto a sandbar. We sat on the beach and the fireworks were directly overhead. It was wonderful.
- When Sarah and I lived in Asheville, we drove downtown to see the fireworks. We sat on an embankment and watched. It was special because it was with her.
- In SC a bunch of us drove out to my friend Todd's condo on Lake Murray and had a great view of the fireworks.
- I seem to recall the fireworks at EPCOT being pretty spectacular but I can't remember details.
Those are the ones that stand out. I'm sure there have been more but I can't remember. Happy 4th everybody! If you're in Seattle, watch the fireworks on TV. It's safer.

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