Sunday, September 04, 2005

Washington Wal-Mart

Arrgh! Wal-Mart is the same everywhere you go. We made the mistake of finding one after our relaxing Edmonds trip. Our relaxation soon turned to frustration. Wal-Mart seems to draw the dregs of society, like bugs to a light on the front porch. We wouldn't have gone but my allergy medicine is so much cheaper there. So, along with the other dregs, we fought tooth and nail to find our merchandise and then headed to the long lines at the front. The cashier said it was like that all the time. We soon made our purchases and made it out of the parking lot alive. I really don't understand why Wal-Mart has to be the scary place that it is. What is it about discount retail shopping that brings out the worst in people? I wish I knew. I just hate going there. My preference is Target but, alas, they do not carry my allergy medicine. Perhaps I'll just order it on the Wal-Mart website next time. It drives me bonkers to go there.

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