Saturday, July 21, 2007


Had a nice chat with Jeff yesterday. We talked of many things (goo-goo-a-joob) including Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Leaving Ruin, the Christmas musical, quantum physics (okay, that was Jeff), and many, many other things.
We also talked about our work...his writing, my art. I've known this for a while but I have some decisions to make regarding my art. Jeff has reinforced what I've been discovering for myself for a while. Art is my thing. There are quite a few things that I am pretty good at but art is at the top of the list and, quite possibly, soars above the rest. Of all the things I'm good at, my passion peaks when it comes to visual art. It's a feeling that I am familiar with but it went away for so many years that I doubted it would come back. It has.
And so, on to the decisions. In this blog I'm sure you are quite accustomed to hearing me bitch and moan about not having opportunities to write, act, and perform music. These are all things I enjoy immensely but, as Jeff pointed out, are they "that one thing." The answer, much to my chagrin, is no. I would love to do some acting but am I going to put in the time required to take classes, get head shots, make a resume, go to auditions, etc. No. I have some writing projects I am working on but, for the most part, they sit idly by waiting for me to find time to work on them. They just aren't a priority at the moment. Right now, I have opportunities to get my art before the world and so, my writing has taken a backseat. I love the projects and they have great potential...maybe even for publication...but art has to be numero uno right now. The other question is a hard one. I'm meeting with a writer's group on a bi-weekly basis. The last time we met I had nothing to show them. I've been too busy with my art. Another meeting looms and I have nothing to show them. Should I continue with this group or give it up? I don't know.
Now, on to music. Music is tough. If I were to list all these talents out on a sheet of paper in the order in which I enjoy them, music would run a pretty tight second to visual art. I love music. I'm not as good at it as I am visual art but I'm no slouch either. So, where does that leave me? It's all about priorities.
I think the list would look like this. Art, Music, Writing, Acting. Art is the main thing right now. Does that mean that the rest of these are hobbies? What is a hobby? I think most laypeople would consider my art a hobby but they don't understand the passion involved. Sure, I'm not making a living at it but I'm working on that...slowly. Baby steps. I don't want to go crashing forward only to thrust myself off a cliff.
I'll leave this discussion here for the moment because I don't know where to take it next. Decisions, decisions. SIGH!

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