Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Tasty Burger

I was listening to an NPR podcast this morning and they were talking about the origin of the hamburger. No one can agree who invented it but it got me to thinking about the best burger I've ever had. Hands down, no contest, it's the tasty burgers at Charley's Old Fashioned Burgers in Ft. Worth, Texas.
This little hole in the wall was a hop, skip and jump from my digs at seminary. I used to go over there about once a week. Those burgers were the juiciest, yummiest...mmm-mmmm...those things were good. And the folks there were super nice. A bunch of friends showed up there one time to have a birthday party for me. We packed the place out. It was great! I miss Charley's. I left Ft. Worth in 1995 and I've been looking for a replacement ever since.
Seattle doesn't have it. If they do I haven't found it. I've checked out the top burger lists for this city and I've had a couple of the burgers and they don't come close by a long shot. I'd have to say that my fave place here in Seattle to get a burger is Red Robin. It's a chain and a little pricey but you always know you're going to get a pretty good burger. The fact that they have wheat buns and bottomless fries doesn't hurt either. Another popular place in town is Red Mill. It's within walking distance of our apt. It's on all the must lists but I have to say it's not that great. Seattle folks just don't know what good food is. I have yet to find a great any kind of food restaurant here in town. That's one thing I miss about the South...good food.
So, if you live in Seattle and think you have a burger I should try, let me know. If you live in Ft. Worth, slide on over to Charley's and have a burger for me.
Yuck. I just drooled on the keyboard.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, Charley's... I love Charley's Old Fashioned Burgers. Had one a couple years back with The Tillmans when I was in town again. Since they moved to the mid-cities, I don't get back to that side of FW very often...

You're a little far from the nearest In-N-Out (Redding, CA), but as far as fast food burger chains, they are tops... there's nothing like a good ole "Double Double"! Next time you happen to dip down into Cali, you've got to try one. Once I ate at In-N-Out four times in one weekend... yum!