Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Argosy Cruise

Sunday, Sarah and I decided to get a year pass for the Argosy Cruises here in town. They were quite reasonable in price and once the weather gets better for good, we can go anytime we like. On Sunday, we decided on the Locks Cruise which takes you from the Seattle Waterfront to Lake Union. After a quick lunch of fish and chips (and feeding the seagulls) we headed to the boat. It was a beautiful day and quite an enjoyable cruise. We saw a neighborhood destroyed by landslide, a couple of sea lions, the locks, a few parks we knew nothing about (that we intend to visit later), and the floating house from "Sleepless in Seattle."
After the cruise, we walked around a bit and then joined the Chase family for dinner at Outback. Chrissy was in rare form, singing "Christmastime is Here" in a gravelly baritone. Apparently on the way to Seattle (they live on Whidbey Island) Chrissy yelled out, "Frogs, frogs, frogs," but Chuck thought she yelled out the "F" word. We also found out that Chuck's change-of-command went well (we were invited but couldn't go due to work) but that the training jet crash we had heard about happened during the ceremony. It caused a bit of a stir but all turned out well since all survived the crash.
After dinner, Sarah and I went home and crashed on the couch. It's been very busy of late. I think this weekend's plans are to stay put and veg. Sounds good to me.

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