Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Honeymoon

Well...as promised, here is the story of our honeymoon adventure. It's been hard to find time to blog and I have so much I need to catch up on...so here goes!
After a day of doing laundry and packing, Marie picked us up to take us to the airport. Our flight left for Orlando at 11:23 pm. (yep...the redeye) We tried to sleep on the plane but there was an unhappy baby behind us who screamed bloody murder nearly the whole way. We arrived, bleary eyed, in Orlando around 7ish the next morning. With the no sleep and the time change, we were whipped. Our check-in time was not until 4:00 pm that afternoon but I was hoping that some kind hotel employee would take pity on us. That didn't happen. They had nothing. So, with the promise that they would call us as soon as something did open up, Sarah and I walked down the street for some breakfast. After that, we rode the trolley up and down International Drive just to see what there was to see. Sarah fell asleep on my shoulder on the trolley a couple of times. After much wandering, we finally stumbled back to the hotel at 3:30 pm. (they never called us) We were put in a room but it was entirely inadequate. None of the stuff that they boasted on the internet was true...no fridge...no microwave...no whirlpool tub...no nothing! And we were in a handicap room to boot! After taking a shower in ankle deep water, I had had enough. I went downstairs, pleaded my case and got us upgraded to a mini-suite. (and a free breakfast since they didn't have continental) Once the room situation was sorted, we settled in for a great time. Here are the highlights.

- Monday night dinner at Don Pablo's. We miss it so much.

- 3 days at Universal Studios. We had a great time riding all the rides and seeing all the shows. We especially loved "The Mummy" and "Spiderman" rides. The "Hulk" coaster was extreme as was the "Twin Dragons" which made me a little queasy on Friday. (I think it was more about the Cinnabon breakfast than the roller coaster because after that even the kiddie ride "Cat in the Hat" made me sick.) Sarah got soaked on "Jurassic Park" and we loved getting our pics made with our favorite characters. We tried to eat at Margaritaville one night but the wait was an hour and a half so we got margaritas to go and went back to the hotel for room service. In 3 days we did all we wanted to do and some things twice. Lines weren't bad at all and we had a super time!

- Thursday night we went to Medievil Times. What a trip that was. Very cheesy but fun. We all had to wear these paper crowns and cheer for our knight. (Ours was the Green Knight...a mercenary rogue of ill repute) It was a fun show.

- Friday night, after a quick dinner at Bennigan's, we went to bed as early as possible because our flight left at 6am on Saturday.

So, a good time was had by all. We just wish we could have stayed another couple of days. But we live in Seattle and there's plenty to do here so we're just going to extend the honeymoon spirit out as long as we can. We've had some great times since getting back and I'll write about those soon.

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