Thursday, March 30, 2006

Art News

Britney Spears
Some artist has sculpted a nude, pregnant Britney Spears. I thought perhaps we'd seen the last of Britney for a while seeing as how she's been out of the limelight of late. But no...she's found yet another way to foist herself upon us. If you want to see the sculpture...Google it. I'm not giving it any air time here.

Thomas Kinkade
Apparently the so-called Christian "painter of light" ain't such a nice person after all. He's involved in several lawsuits claiming he's a ruthless businessman who drives unwitting souls to financial ruin selling his art. He's also accused of sexual harrassment. Supposedly he pawed some women that owns one of his galleries. Here's what he had to say about it.

"You've got to remember, I'm the idol to these women who were there. They sell my work every day, you know. They're enamoredd with any attention I would give them. I don't know what kind of flirting they were trying to do with me. I don't recall what was going on that night."*

Personally, I think his art is so much pablum for those who don't know real art from elbow macaroni. As for the Christian claims...stamp a Christian label on something and stick it in Lifeway or Family Bookstore and it's bound to sell. I'm surprised he didn't market bumper stickers that say, "WWJP." (What Would Jesus Paint) Behave yourself, Thomas, or you'll have to become the "painter of dark."

* From Art News Blog

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