Friday, March 03, 2006

Make The Next Thing

Sarah and I meet (when we can) with a group of artists at a church here in Seattle. We missed the last meeting due to being on our honeymoon. (I know...what losers we are) The moderator posted this on his blog and it makes me wish I had been there.

"We then talked about what success would look like in this ministry over the next few years, and the question that popped into my mind was this: "As artists, what might be the most clear and direct way to express our trust in God?"
Answer? Make the next thing. Write the next word. Get the paints out one more time. Wrestle with the plot point one more day. Practice one more hour. In the end, that's the role of the artist, the first move, the first responsibility, without which nothing else can happen. I thought about the body of life work the dozen or so young artists sitting around the table represented, and thought about the loss if these people somehow bought into the discouragement I could see in some of their eyes.
There are many cultural battles to be fought, I suppose, but if we can't pick up our pens and simply write a word, believing that somehow we are not adequate to face the task, then we've lost already. And so has some part of the Kingdom. a declaration of trust...write another word..."

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