Saturday, January 06, 2007

Airport Blogging

Well, I'm sitting here in Columbia, SC's massive airport (not really) working on my computer. How cool is that? I guess you can tell that I don't travel much. I just finished a week here in Rock Hill, SC with the Summersalt crew writing scripts for the 2007 camp. What a productive week. We actually finished all 5 days of script + character sketches and a "where are they now" feature for the end. Now begins the process of reading and evaluating and tweaking and changing and rewriting and...well, you get the picture. But we did good this week. Last year, we only finished thru Wednesday and I had to write the rest alone.
Steve seems happy with the script but I'll reserve judgement until after it's read by the staff, camp pastor and a few other critical readers. I'm going to give the script a few days of rest and then I'm going to read thru it again with a critical eye. But, it's been a great, productive week.
Now, it's time to head home to Sarah and the cats. I can't wait to smooch my wife, say hellow to the boys and climb into my own bed.
But for now, I got some flying to do.

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