Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday is Fun Day

The weather has been less wet of late so Sarah and I took advantage with a little outing. After church (where we had a great discussion about, of all things, money in class) , we headed downtown for a little adventure. We grabbed lunch at P. F. Chang's and someone messed up an order so we got an extra dish for free. We usually order the same thing every time we go because we love it so much (schezuan asparagus, honey chicken and spring rolls) so today we also got to try some shrimp dish with noodles. It was goo-oo-oo-ood!
After stuffing ourselves, we made our way down to the waterfront for the Argosy Harbor Cruise. Our year pass is up in March so we're trying to take advantage when we can although we've more than paid for the thing. The cruise was nice...just great being out on the water surrounded by mountains and the Seattle skyline. Rainier even made an appearance today. We also saw our first sea lions. They were snoozing on a buoy. It was quite funny.
Once the cruise was done, we headed up to the Pike Street Market to pick up some of Sarah's art. (They emailed and said they didn't have room for it) It turns out that we picked up all of Sarah's art. Our guess is that they are focusing on a particular type of art and Sarah's doesn't quite fit in. Mine is still there. What that means is that my art is weird enough to stay and Sarah's isn't. She's quite fine with it. She's going to see if the gallery in Fremont will take some of her art. I think we both need to look around and see if there are more galleries we can put our stuff in.
We left the market, stopped by Old Navy (I found a shirt for $6), Sarah shopped at J. Jill and I went to Barnes and Noble and then we headed home. It was a nice outing. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day. There were alot of stir crazy folks downtown and all the street performers were out in force. We saw one guy mixing all this weird, ambient music while playing plastic bottles with his drumsticks and he had a little battery operated robot that danced. At the market there was a guy playing the guitar behind his head while he hula hooped and another guy who had rolled a piano out on the street corner. For the first time today, I saw street preachers. It was a cornucopia of mad activity in downtown Seattle. It's an interesting place. You could spend the whole day just people watching.
So, enough about my day. What did you do today?

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