Saturday, January 13, 2007

For Your Consideration

We finally got out last night for a date night and we saw a fantastically funny movie. Anyone who is familiar with Christopher Guest's work won't be surprised that For Your Consideration is as hilarious as his other works. And, even though they are not widely used outside of the realm of Guest's work, the ensemble he puts together for each movie comprises some of the most brilliantly funny people in show business. I especially love Catherine O'Hara, Michael Higgins, Parker Posey, and Harry Shearer. Fred Willard and Jane Lynch are hilarious as hosts for an Entertainment Tonight-type show. Guest himself, although taking a small part in this one, continues to show his amazing talent at morphing himself into unusual characters.
I could go on and on. Just go see this movie. In a year of bad movies, this one shines like a diamond.


John said...

Yeah, we absolutely loved this one too. I don't know how they did that to Catherine O'hara's face near the end...Not giving away anything, but, Yikes! It looked too funny, real, and scary!

jon p. said...

i've been looking forward to this one but haven't seen it yet. i love Guest's whole series of films (of course, Spinal Tap is THE classic) and i'm always impressed with how well they all manage to both parody and pay tribute to a genre at the same time. take A Mighty Wind for example... hilariously funny, but also some darn fine music in the film. hopefully FYC will hit my dollar theater soon!