Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Art of Gumball Machines

"...I have been unlikely to focus on the wonders of the day; to find beauty in the plain, slow moving young woman behind the checkout counter pensively adding up our purchases; in the saucepan I chose to buy because it had Teflon and was on sale, not because of its pleasant shape; in the gum-ball maching, which used to take pennies and now (incredibly!) demands 25 cents per gum ball..."*

If this is you, you should take a stroll with me sometime when I have my camera. Everything becomes a work of art when I have my camera in my hand. Actually, I see like that all the time and many times I am so angry that I don't have my camera with me. I see with the eyes of wonder, looking for art in the mundane ordinary sights of everyday life. I see beauty in a grate in the sidewalk. I see art in the cracks on the side of an old building. I see a masterpiece in the trial applications of runway paint on the tarmac (happened to me at the Detroit airport).
Open your eyes. Art is everywhere.

*Source: The Accidental Masterpiece by Michael Kimmelman
Image: Three Machines by Wayne Thiebaud (1963)

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