Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Zone

The previous post got me to thinking about times I've been in "the zone" when doing artwork. It happens rarely but when it does it normally yields fantastic results. I remember one time in particular when I was in college. That semester I had Abnormal Psych at 8am (yuck), Painting Independent Study at 9am and Printmaking Independent Study at 1pm. The painting and printmaking classes were flexible. The teachers weren't looking over your shoulder all the time as long as you were working on something. On that particular day, I chose to stay in the painting room all day. Good things were happening and I was in the much so that time passed quickly and before I knew it was 5pm. The time had flown by and I really hadn't noticed it's passing. I had even forgotten to eat lunch...and I don't skip meals. So, as a satisfying exhaustion spread over my body, I got some food from the vending machine and tried to continue to work but the "zone" feeling was gone so I packed it in and headed home.
I hope that in the course of trying to renew my creative pursuits I can find "the zone." There's no better place to be.

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