Friday, January 12, 2007

Ice Scream

It's a brisk 18 degrees in Seattle right now. I just walked in to work and I don't think I want to be much colder than that. I don't know how folks who live where it goes below zero do it.
The roads are still icy in places so driving is iffy. I don't want to drive due to the fact that Seattle drivers don't do well on dry roads much less the rain and ice. Staying home usually wouldn't be a problem but I'm a bit stir crazy right now. I spent all last week cooped up in a hotel room or an airplane and now this week I've only been at home and at work. I need to get out and do something. Sarah and I are going to try and have a date night tonight. The only problem is the temperatures are not rising enough to melt anything and won't all weekend.
Ahhhhhhhhh! I want out!

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becca said...

I have to share... Last week we had about five days of -40. I remember one night in particular- I went to pick up Jake and the FM Readerboard said -48. AAHHHH! That is too cold!
It's amazing how warm +15 feels after -40... I had friends in college who'd wear shorts at +15 after January's and February's of -60's... I remember going between buildings without a coat at +15, but I was never that warm-blooded. It just doesn't get as cold as it used to up here... Which makes me GLAD, but I know is a sign of global warming and should make me freaked out...
-40's are BAD, but trust me, -60's and -70 are MUCH, MUCH worse.
For sheer craziness I also want to share this: I've got a friend who bemoans the fact that she got frost nip (a minor form of frost burn) on her toes from wearing flip-flops all winter up here. Because of that she has to wear closed toe shoes now... Yes, that means she was wearing flip-flops at -30's and -40's... Talk about INSANE!