Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dead Art Walking

Well, the Edmonds Art Walk was a bust. It rained and rained and rained and no one showed up. Well, a few folks but not near the crowd they are used to. One of the organizers said they've only had 3 bad turn out nights in the 6.5 years they've been doing it. Guess what? I got one of them. Yippee! Hopefully they will ask me back during the spring or summer when the crowds are big. That would be great.
I did have a yummy Thai dinner at a local eatery and I did eat some yummy cheese while hanging out at the cheese shop. Man, that was some good cheese...and expensive. The manager gave me a hunk of this awesome cheddar to bring home so Sarah could try it. That was very nice. They also had this nice Irish brie served on these funky fruit cake looking crackers. Awesome! If it wasn't so blinkin' expensive I would have brought some home. Maybe next time we're in Edmonds I'll splurge for some. If you like cheese and you're ever in the Seattle area, I recommend the Resident Cheesemonger in Edmonds. It's worth it.
So, I'm done with the art shows until January. Probably a good thing. December is going to be crazy!

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