Monday, November 19, 2007

Encouraged Again

I took a little trip to the Pike Place Market today to drop off some art at Twilight. I gave them 52 prints and around 12 originals to sell. The three gals who run the place came in so I got to talk to them for a bit. They are opening a new place in West Seattle. That's very exciting. That's double the selling potential not to mention the fact that West Seattle is a more artsy area than the Market downtown. My stuff will probably have a better chance at selling over there. They also asked if I wanted to do a solo show at the new place next year. I, of course, said yes. They said it's really big but I told them if they book me I'll fill the space. No problem. As long as I have shows lined up it gives me the extra drive to produce art. I'm sure the show will be mid to late next year so that we can put some space between the January show (which they are sponsoring as well). Things are still happening so I am encouraged.
In January, in addition to the show I have lined up w/ Twilight, I am also involved in an Art Party where I will be selling my art and prints and I am also involved in the Pop Tots Alphabet Show. They have lined up 26 artists to interpret each letter in a funky but kid-friendly way. I am doing the letter "R". Should be fun.
So, that's all the art news for today. Remember kids, it's fun to be's just not always financially lucrative.

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Anonymous said...

Wow - congrats on the shows! I'm thrilled that your artistic prowess and reputation is growing!

I love the Pop Tots alphabet idea - they have cool kids clothes - none of that silly pastel flowery lacy stuff - and Max is a huge fan of the Ugly Doll they sell there. What a great opportunity for collaboration and recognition!

Can I throw my 2 cents in? For kid-friendly letter R interpretations, consider Rock and/ or Roll, which could even be softened to something like rolling down hills, rolling in the grass, etc (we had our kids rockin' and rollin' from a very young age M's first concert was Pantera/ Soul Fly and A's was Quiet Riot/ Skid Row). Of course, you could also do Radio, maybe even plug NPR (M hums the theme song subconsciously). I'm sure we wouldn't be the only Pop Tots-type parents to appreciate it. There's always the really big R word, Religion, which might be more up your alley, but there's also Robot, Recital, and Recess. My favorite "R" words are rabble, ragamuffin, reciprocal, renegade (duh), rickety, reverie, repartee, and roil.

I can't wait to see what you create!