Thursday, May 22, 2008


Boneyard Vol. 5 & 6 by Richard Moore
Boneyard is a graphic novel dealing with the ongoing story of Tom Paris and the inheritance of a cemetary inhabited by a band of strange creatures including Sid, a talking skeleton; Ralph, a werewolf; Nessie, a female version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon; and Abby, a vampire that Tom is attracted to.
I continue to enjoy this series. The art is good and the stories are funny. It was just by chance that I found Vol. 6 at the library yesterday and since Vol. 5 was there I thought I'd re-read it as a refresher. One day I hope to own all of these. Actually, I hope to be able to pick up the full color versions that are being published now. Anyway, so I read thru them last night during my bedtime reading. I thought I'd get that light reading out of the way before I tackle Come Be My Light, a collection of writings by Mother Teresa.
Yeah, weird transition I know. That's how I roll.

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