Monday, May 26, 2008

Games People Play

This was a game oriented weekend for us. Last night we played Cranium with some friends which was a lot of fun. Tonight with other friends we were introduced to the card game Fluxx. Boy, talk about confusing. I didn't care for it. After that we played Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase. We had a lot of fun as usual.
Sarah and I are going to clean out our game closet. We have some games we never play like Scene It. It's a lame DVD movie trivia game. We need to get some dominoes so we can play Chickenfoot, a game my parents taught us while we were home in April. I'd also like to find the instructions to a game I learned at seminary called Hand and Foot. It's played with multiple decks of cards. We also enjoy Scrabble and Monopoly. Sarah loves Boggle because she beats the pants off of me. She also beats me regularly at Skip Bo. I'm not surprised. I've always sucked at games. I was always pretty good at Trivial Pursuit but I doubt I could hold my own anymore. I just don't keep up with pop culture like I used to.
So, there you have it. More than you ever wanted to know about the games we like. Boy, I've got to find something interesting to write about soon or you people are going to abandon ship.


Cassie said...

Boggle!!! That's another game we play with the Lawrences. Our goal is to reach 50 pts before Davitra goes out! We learned how to play Mexican Trains (dominoes). Do you know that one? Hand and Foot is a lot of fun. I grew up playing Canasta. H&F is just similar enough to be confusing for me. The Dudmans taught us. We should get together and have another game night soon!

becca said...

I love Boggle! But I'm like Sarah- I pretty much devestate anybody else I play...
I miss game nights with Company friends. I'd never enjoyed card games until they introduced me to some fun ones. Super Summer Camps were the best!